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5 Vintage Home Decor Ideas to Give Your Space More Character


By Jane Blanchard

Even though modern decor can be chic, there’s nothing quite like incorporating the vintage look to give a home personality. Like quilting, you take bits and pieces from different places and combine them into something unique with tons of character. Vintage decor can be used alongside contemporary to great effect, which is usually referred to as transitional style. One of the best things about vintage is how it gives your home that personal touch, distinguishing a room that could belong to anyone from a room that could only be yours. Here are five ways to make your home decor more vintage to give your space more character.

1. Vintage Mirrors

vintage mirrors

Photo Via Rikki Snyder

Incorporating vintage decor can be as easy as hoarding old mirrors found at flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores. The great thing about mirrors is that, since they’re a staple item in any decade, mirrors are incredibly common and often overlooked. Unlike actual art, mirrors are all essentially the same while allowing the frames to be the most unique and come in an huge variety of styles. Mixing several vintage mirrors or even hanging a single large mirror can give a room that personal touch.

2. Suitcase Tables

vintage suitcase tables

Via Custom Home Group

You’ve probably seen those vintage suitcases at flea markets and antique stores. They come in just about every size, which is what makes them great for stacking. By stacking a few of these suitcases, you can create an eclectic table for a vase of flowers, photographs, or other keepsakes. You could even take one of the larger suitcases, attach four wooden legs to the bottom of it, and turn it into a charming coffee table.

3. Collections Become Creative Wall Art

vintage wall art

Via lyndsee

By thinking outside the box, you can do really interesting, contemporary things with collections of vintage items. Almost anything you collect, like vintage cameras for example, can be mounted onto a wall and framed to create a great focal point for any room. There are tons of other things that can be used to create unique vintage art; things like vinyl records, blown glass, clocks, and even old books can be creatively repurposed and give a space character.

4. Skeleton Key Fixtures

skeleton key fixtures

Via Anthropologie

There are many things you can do with skeleton keys that are creative and fun. It’s become common to mount several of them to a canvas and frame them, giving you a striking work of art to hang on your wall. Another thing you can do is string them from a chandelier or a wire ring around the top of a lamp shade for a unique light fixture. Not only are skeleton keys fun, but using them in such ways is unexpected and exciting. It’s the nuanced details like this that make a home radiate with personality.

5. Vintage Furnishing

vintage furnishings

Via Alison Kandler Interior Design

Although quality vintage furniture is a little harder to find and usually requires a little TLC, vintage furnishings can be a great addition to any room. Re-upholstered chairs or sofas, even if it’s just a single piece among more contemporary furniture, can really enhance the look of a room. You could take a mid-century wooden chair, reupholster it with fabric that has a contemporary pattern on it, making the chair a beautiful marriage of old with new and a one-of-a-kind piece.

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