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Vintage Finds Around The Web (Vol. 3)


Oscar Dresses – Every dress worn by the winners of the Best Actress category (since 1929)

UK consultancy Media Run Digital has put together this fun chart of Oscar Dresses from 1929 to 2013. Everyone from Bette Davis to Jennifer Lawrence, from Irene to Armani, is represented. It’s a palette of glamorous dresses from some of the 20th and 21st century’s most famous designers.

But you’ll note that many actresses opted to wear dresses from non-famous designers. In 1929, the very first Best Actress Award was handed over to Janet Gaynor who wore a demure off-the-rack number. In 1989, when Jodie Foster won an Academy Award for The Accused, she supposedly wore a mass-produced gown. (more…)

August 18, 2014 |

Vintage Finds Around The Web (Vol. 1)


Welcome to our very first Vintage Finds Around The Web volume. Each week, we will bring to you outstanding, newsworthy, amusing, interesting and offbeat vintage related articles, photos and videos. Sure, we share these on our Twitter and Facebook pages too, but this will give you a great recap and keep you in the loop if you missed out. So here we go, volume 1 brings you Women in photo-booths, Teddy Girls, shopping advice and more!


August 1, 2014 |
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