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Blue Velvet Vintage: From Tragedy to Triumph


Theresa Campbell once had a dream to start a glamorous boutique that dealt with one of a kind vintage pieces. That dream became reality and is named Blue Velvet Vintage. The boutique offers an arrangement of timeless mid-century pieces as well as personal style assistance and special customized items. Blue Velvet Vintage is based in Florida but the growing online store makes it accessible to vintage lovers around the Globe. Vintage Shopper chats to the founder of Blue Velvet Vintage, Theresa Campbell, about influence, femininity and the power of being media savvy. (more…)

July 29, 2014 |

An Interview with Art Deco Diva, Lara Scott


What does a radio host and a lifestyle writer have in common? Art Deco! Lara Scott and Cori Linder are two Ladies – the Art Deco Divas – ready to tell you all about the hottest, chicest, oldest Art Deco and Old Hollywood inspired spots. In fact, they have self-published a book, From The Corner Of Hollywood and diVine. From what I gather, the Art Deco Divas know their history and their geography. Vintage Shopper did some snooping around and nicked an interview with the delightful Art Deco Diva, Lara Scott. (more…)

March 14, 2014 |

Interview With “Time And A Few Moths” Founder, Lisa Zaaiman


Vintage Shopper is home to hundreds of vintage businesses, but the one that tugged a heart string, is Time And A Few Moths. Besides being based in my home country, South Africa, this vintage business is run by sassy Lisa Zaaiman. As CEO and founder of Time And A Few Moths, Zaaiman has a lot more than just vintage items to offer. From what I know, Zaaiman understands the value of paying-it-forward and making sure that no illness can take her down. Vintage Shopper interviewed Lisa Zaaiman recently and we got chatting about Fibromyalgia, Chanel and Nancy Spungen. (more…)

February 3, 2014 |
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