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The Beachcomber: A Second Life Bedroom


My name is Gloria Silverstone and I’m a virtual interior design blogger featuring items from Second Life, a virtual reality game that parallels real life.  Although Second Life is a game, it is also a great trend indicator. My blog will provide tips, tricks and highlight emerging styles.  In real life, I have a background in design, art and marketing. (more…)

June 6, 2014 |

Happy Birthday Edith Head!

Edith Head and her 8 oscars

She may not have been known for the artistry of Adrian, historical savvy of Walter Plunkett or even the versatile glamor of Orry-Kelly, but Edith Head was once known as the most famous costume designer in Hollywood. So, it only seems fitting to pay tribute to this legend on her 116th birthday. She is known for the sarong that made Dorothy Lamour famous in 1937’s  Hurricaine, for dressing Gloria Swanson in 1950’s Sunset Boulevard and 1954’s To Catch a Thief‘s Grace Kelly. Nobody (to this day) worked harder or received more accolades for their work. She won 8 Academy Awards, more than any other woman in Oscar history and was often nominated multiple times in a year.


October 28, 2013 |

Stolen Antiques Found Underwater by Louisiana Police


A search for a number of stolen antiques led a local Louisiana police department to a very unusual hiding place. The remainder of a large burglary ended up at the bottom of a lake not far from the Pearl River near Bogalusa. This type of discovery is rare especially for the police department in this county who had never called their dive team in for a similar task before. The divers in spite of their lack of experience in such a search were able to find about $250,000 worth of antique items like glassware and porcelain vases. (more…)

September 22, 2013 |

Vintage Bikes make Baby Boomers go Gaga

Vintage Bike

Riding a bike means much more than just getting some exercise for many people, particularly baby boomers. To them, riding a bike evokes feelings and memories of childhood and nostalgia. Vintage bike brands like Schwinn are associated in many people’s minds with their youth and freedom.

These strong emotional associations are part of what has enabled a store in Cleveland to have great success selling vintage bikes. Owned by Jef Janis and his uncle Kelvin Tate, the store is called Simpler Times Vintage Bike Art Gallery. Originally, it was opened to sell art, but unfortunately no art was selling and Janis knew they had to make changes. On a whim, they decide to put some refurbished bikes out front, and immediately they began to sell. Janis’ uncle taught him how to fix up vintage bikes to enable them to be sold. (more…)

September 13, 2013 |

Belmont Shore Car Show: Photo Gallery

Belmont Shore Car Show

We visited the Belmont Shore Car Show on Sunday, September 8th 2013. For those who aren’t familiar with Belmont Shore, it’s a lovely shopping, eating and strolling strip near the beach in Southern California; technically part of Long Beach. As usual, the annual event attracted classic car enthusiasts in their droves. I don’t know the exact number, but I believe anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 picture-snapping voyeurs turned out for the 600 car spectacle. Below are some photos we snapped. These beauties are enough to make you turn racing green with envy! To be fair, it was a 1950s Black Jaguar Roadster that stopped me in my tracks. (more…)

September 9, 2013 |

Paul McCartney buys retro Paul McCobb chair


A local Georgetown antique dealer recently put up a rare 1950s Paul McCobb lounge chair for sale on his website after being low on inventory. Even though the McCobb furniture designs have become very popular and highly collectible, the dealer probably never expected to sell this chair to a music legend. A few weeks after offering the chair for sale, a representative of Sir Paul McCartney inquired about the antique piece of furniture. It is hard to believe that someone of such iconic status would be involved in this type of transaction with a local antique dealer but Paul McCartney’s company purchased the chair from the company shortly after contacting them. (more…)

September 6, 2013 |

Hidden Antiques waiting to be found


An unexpected discovery recently took place in Oklahoma City’s State Capitol building when a restoration worker found a hidden attic while on the job. In this previously unknown attic above the fifth floor was a collection of some of the original light fixtures of the building dating back to 1917. A discovery like this is rare but an example of some of the surprising hidden antiques that are possible to find in unlikely places. A story like this is just one of many that can happen for people who are interested in valuable antiques. (more…)

September 6, 2013 |
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