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Create an Antique Chair in a weekend


An antique chair can add charm to any room. The aged patina of a well-worn painted chair can be a focal point for displaying plants, family photos, a teddy bear collection, or your favorite vintage linens. Bring an antique chair into a living room, bedroom, or office and you automatically add a touch of whimsy to this space.

If you have not found the perfect antique chair for your home or office, don’t despair. You can paint any chair so that it looks antique in just a weekend. Follow these quick 6 steps to create a worn out, beat up chair with antique appeal.

Antique Chair

by shaggyhill on Flickr

Step 1 – Choose a Classic Style Chair

To pull off the look of an antique chair, you need to choose a chair style that honors the designs of the past. Go with a solid wood chair with a wide seat, spindled back, and hand-hewn legs. The best chairs are made of woods like oak and knotty pine that will display the grain of the wood well. Some great examples are on Seats and Stools’ site.

Step 2 – Sand Your Chair Down

Now it’s time to remove all the varnish on your chair by taking a piece of coarse sandpaper to it. Remove all traces of the finish and try to get it down to the real wood underneath. Then use a smoother sand paper to remove any rough spots or wood slivers before the next step.

Step 3 – Secure the Chair Structure

Before you start painting your chair, you will want to take the time to secure it by inspecting for any breaks or lose parts. Replace any broken or stripped screws. Try an expanding wood glue to seal up all joints and make it sturdier. Use shop clamps to hold it together and allow to dry overnight.

Step 4 – Coat the Chair in Primer

Once your chair has dried completely, it’s time to give it a coat of mildew resistant primer. If you don’t want to go with stark white, you can choose to have the primer tinted an antique off-white. Let the primer dry in a well-ventilated area overnight.

Step 5 – Paint A Fresh Vintage Color

To give your chair antique flair, pick out a vintage color from your local home supply store in a color that appeals to you. The most popular vintage furniture colors are olive green, cornflower blue, sunshine yellow, and pale salmon pink. Make sure you choose a glossy finish to make cleanups a breeze.

Step 6 – Weather the Chair’s Surface

After painting your chair, it’s time to give it that faux antique look by giving it a real beating literally. Grab your sandpaper and rough off some of the paint along the sides of the chair in random spots. Take a leather belt and beat the chair’s surface a few times to give it character. Once you have a look that you like, your antique chair is ready for years of use.

No one but you will know that your antique chair is actually a retro version that you created yourself. Have fun giving other furniture pieces around your home that antique painted look to give your home a vintage feel.

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