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How to create an Art Deco Bathroom


Many period styles are distinctly of their time and look dated when incorporated into more modern architecture. Art Deco is a significant exception as, whilst very distinctive, it has a timeless elegance that can look fabulous in any type of home. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom and the latest designs simply do not appeal, then consider taking inspiration from the stylistic output of the 1920s and 1930s and create an Art Deco bathroom.

Art Deco Bathroom

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Art Deco History

Art Deco was a movement in art and design with its origins in 1920s France. Its influence spread quickly across the world and spawned over a decade of elegant designs in architecture, art, interior décor and fashion. The style was an eclectic one which drew heavily on influences from earlier movements like Art Nouveau and its signature was the combination of traditional motifs and imagery from nature with angular forms and geometric shapes. The juxtaposition of contrasting textures and the use of luxurious materials and finishes were the order of the day. Polished wood, black lacquer, fine masonry and sumptuous fabrics were incorporated into decorative schemes to produce a striking and forward thinking look which lends itself perfectly to bathrooms.

Sanitary Ware

Much modern sanitary ware is curved and futuristic bit many ranges still include Art Deco suites with more angular pieces. Square sinks with curved corners and angular toilets with rectangular cisterns are widely available and whilst their style is a nod to the past, they still look perfectly current in the modern home’s bathroom. If your property dates from the Deco period then all the better for your Art Deco bathroom!

Tiles for your Art Deco Bathroom

Mosaic tiles in black or metallic finishes are perfect for your Art Deco scheme. Combine these with plain white or ivory tiles for the striking contrasts typical of the period. Gold or silver details add the sumptuous but simple ornamentation typical of the style. Floor tiles in white or black or a combination of the two are the perfect complement and consider tiles flecked with gold or silver for additional glamour. Remember that Art Deco is a style which makes an impact by displaying striking contrasts between just a couple of colours and the juxtaposition of polished and matte finishes. Don’t use a riot of color, go for white or ivory as your base, add contrast with black and highlight with sparkling metallic hues to create the simple but glamorous look of Art Deco.

Finishing Touches

Take care not to ruin your simple look with too much clutter and ornamentation. Art Deco schemes work best when kept simple so don’t clutter your space with too many additions. Choose pieces with interesting, angular form and polished surfaces for the best effect. Mirrors are the obvious choice as the sharp angles and reflective surfaces fit perfectly with the style and Art Deco mirrors are easy to source without spending a fortune. Include a couple of interesting accessories like soap dispensers and dishes and avoid using plastic items in the room.

Practical but Beautiful

Art Deco is a style which is simple yet glamorous, practical yet striking. Dramatic contrasts and quality materials combine to produce a decorative scheme which pays tribute to the past but which can be a timeless feature of any home.

Sally Stacey is a professional writer who also owns a bridal shop and was on the board of a London based distribution company for 16 years. A frequent traveller for both leisure and business, Sally is always looking for a new adventure to write about

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