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How to Get Your Listing Noticed

Get your listing noticed with the "I'm on the List Badge"

Place this badge on your website and link to your Vintage Shopper listing. To get the badge, right click on the badge and choose “save as”. You can also link directly to the image using this URL:

The following tips will show you how to get your listing noticed. Whether it’s a business or an event, you want to make sure your listing gets noticed and invites community engagement.

Run a Vintage Business? Get your Listing Noticed!

If you haven’t already added your business listing, you can add your business listing for Free!

  1. Describe your Business
    Take advantage of the large overview area and explain what your business does and why customers should care. Find an angle that enables you to differentiate from  your competitors if possible. Strive for 300 words if possible.
  2. Add Images
    Add photos of your best selling products – this will help customers get an idea of the type of merchandise you offer. You could also include an exterior shot of your store to  help your customers recognize it as they walk or drive by. Also be sure to use your logo as the featured image – this will represent your business in search results and listings. This defiintely an important element to help get your listing noticed.
  3. Choose the Appropriate Categories
    Make sure your listing is categorized correctly. This will ensure that as customers browse through the listings within a specific category, you will get your listing noticed. Remember you can choose more than one category. If you feel you need a category added, please contact us and we’ll consider your request.
  4. Enter Appropriate Tags
    Tags, along with your category choice will help customers find you. Think of 10 words that best describe your business and add them. There can be more than 10, but try to keep it focused with words that best describe your products, services or specialties. Enter your tags without the hash symbol (#).
  5. Add your Location
    If you own a store or run a business with a street address, be sure to add it. This way, customers can search for it by city and also see it on the map. If you’re an online business only, you can still add your city so the community knows where you’re operating.
  6. Add your Phone Number
    This is  self-explanatory – some customers will prefer to pick up the phone and give you a call.
  7. Add your Social Media and Website Links
    Be sure to add your Facebook, Twitter and business website links if you have them. Give customers options to follow and learn more about your business.
  8. Ask for Customer Reviews
    Once you have added your listing, now is the time to ask satisfied customers to leave their reviews. A glowing review will not only do wonders for your reputation, but will also make your business stand out from the other listings in the directory and will help get your listing noticed.. Furthermore, it makes you look more established when you have customers supporting you.
  9. Ask for Customer Likes, Tweets, etc.
    Ask your customers to Like or Tweet your listing via the social media buttons below your listing. This will help drive awareness through social media channels, and ultimately you will grow you customer base.
  10. Link to your Business Listing
    Let your customers know you’re listed on Vintage Shopper, and encourage them to leave reviews to support your business. You could link from your website or social media accounts using the “I’m on the list” badge (seen at the top of this page). You can find the image here: You could even list your Vintage Shopper website listing address on things like business cards, flyers and advertisements e.g.
  11. Update your Listing over Time
    As your business evolves, make sure you keep your listing up to date. Whether it’s changing the phone number, address or adding different photos, this is critical a critical part of maintaining your listing.
  12. Upgrade your Listing
    When you upgrade your listing, it becomes featured and displayed on the home page and each category page; according to the categories for which it was assigned.
  13. Become a Guest Blogger
    If you really want to draw attention to your business and your authority within a specific field, you should try guest blogging for Vintage Shopper. By writing posts, you will connect with your audience and educate them about what you do and how they can benefit from doing business with you. This will really help get your listing noticed. 

Organize a Vintage Event? Get your Listing Noticed!

If you haven’t already added your event listing, you can add your event listing for Free!

  1. Describe your Event
    Let potential attendees know what the event is about and how popular or special it is. You could use numbers like how many people typically attend, or how many vendors typically set up booths. Provide information that will entice enthusiasts to RSVP and attend. Mention other considerations e.g. pet friendly, handicapped parking or parking costs, etc.
  2. Add Dates and Times
    Make sure you have included the days and times for each particular day.
  3. Add the Cost
    Here you can enter one price or a price range, if you have different prices for different windows of time. You can also let the community know about exceptions:  kids under 12 are free, for example.
  4. Include Links
    You can include links to both the event website itself, and also to the location where the event is being hosted. E.g. fairgrounds or a convention center. This will help attendees understand where they need to go to learn more about the event and the surrounding area.
  5. Add the Location Address
    Be sure to include the address. This will not only help attendees navigate their way to the event, but will also help your event get found through local searches.
  6. Add Appropriate Categories & Tags
    Similarly to adding business listings, make sure you’ve chosen appropriate categories and added relevant tags. This will help your listing get noticed as the community browses through the various event categories.
  7. Add a Phone Number
    This should be a phone number of the event organizer or someone that can answer questions about the event
  8. Link to your Event Listing
    Let your customers know your event is listed on Vintage Shopper by using the badge here: You could link from your website or social media accounts, and even list the link on marketing materials like business cards, flyers, advertisements, etc.
  9. Encourage Attendees to Leave Comments
    Whether it’s before or after the event, comments from attendees can provide great feedback for you and the community as a whole. You will learn how well the event was run, how convenient the location was, and how you can apply these lessons next time around.
  10. Update your Event Over Time
    Be sure to keep all the information current, including new dates, updated cost, etc. This is especially important with events, as they come and go through the calendar.
  11. Encourage users to RSVP via Vintage Shopper
    Vintage Shopper has a very convenient RSVP feature that will allow you (and the community) to see who is attending a particular event.
  12. Upgrade your Listing
    When you upgrade your listing, it becomes featured and displayed on the home page and each assigned category page.
  13. Become a Guest Blogger
    If you really want to draw attention to your event, you should try guest blogging for Vintage Shopper. By writing posts, you will connect with your audience and create awareness, whether it’s before the event, or after the fact. Covering an event in this fashion, will educate the community about the event, why they should attend, and what they might have missed. This will really help get your listing noticed. 
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