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Vintage is just a word: An Introduction to Ladybug


So here I am, starting this new adventure with Vintage Shopper and my wonderful new readers! I must confess, since accepting this new collaboration as a guest blogger for this amazing site, I have been thinking a lot about what I was going to offer you. The answer was quite easy: vintage fashion – my outfits and vintage finds from my trips all over the world! But what about my first post? Which outfit? Which find? How do I want to present myself?

Angela from The Ladybug Chronicles

This wasn’t easy. I’ve been struggling with the fear of a blank page staring back at me. Then I realized that I was assuming you knew something about me and my point of view on vintage and my personal vintage style. I’ve been blogging for a while now, but hey… it is my first time here!

So, I’d better introduce myself and share a bit about myself. That way, for my future posts you will know more or less what to expect from me (but not always- because I am pretty unpredictable at times!)

My name is Angela, I am Italian and I am the blogger behind The Ladybug Chronicles. I have been a fan of vintage fashion and lifestyle since I was a kid. Back then, I used to play with my granny’s old clothes – those that she didn’t wear anymore and only used for cleaning the house! Then one day, when I was a university student, a light bulb came on in my heart and I understood that I had completely fallen in love with vintage at the Montagnola, the most famous vintage and second hand market in Bologna!

Angela from The Ladybug Chronicles

Like most bloggers, I have a special love and affection for my blog, but believe it really changed my life. It was born in the darkest time of my life, when I felt that I was a creative and dynamic soul lost in a mechanical job in a small town. All my creativity and personality was being completely limited… or I should say killed.  And I was suffering a lot for it. Even my love for vintage fashion was suffering because I was constrained to the typical corporate style, which I hated so much. So I needed to find a way to express myself again and to let my creativity blossom.

Would I say that my blog saved me from perpetual boredom and socio imposed-limitations? Yes! Especially because overcoming the first battle with shyness, caused everything in my life to change! Soon after, I managed to move to Milan (a city that I love and enjoy every day), changed my job and now I understand the importance of my own personality. And even if I still work in a corporate world, I use my red lipstick and wear at least one vintage piece to the office every day! My new colleagues also invented a new game called “Spot the Vintage” to guess the vintage piece in my daily outfits!

Vintage makes me unique because I am unique. And since starting my blog in August of 2011, I’ve been unafraid to scream it out aloud!  From the clothes, makeup and accessories I wear, to the words I write!

But let me put an asterisk right here, you won’t find a head-to-toe vintage girl with victory rolls and ‘50s makeup.  My “claim to fame” is taking very unique and eccentric vintage pieces that I find at fairs in Northern Italy or during my frequent trips abroad, and mixing them with high street design. Because vintage pieces are so powerful, they accentuate your daily outfits.  I’m not only going to share my favorite finds, but I’ll also share tips and examples of how to include vintage as a part of our fashion routine.

So, are you ready? Because I am!

Come on and follow me every month on Vintage Shopper, and allow yourself to be “vintageously” and uniquely beautiful!

Angela from The Ladybug Chronicles

Angela 37 Italian Vintage Blogger I love: vintage, cupcakes, books, tea, the sea, traveling, thrift shops and red lipstick (not necessarily in that order!) But… what does it say about me? Not much… So; follow me on and on my blog and you will discover a new meaning for vintage!


Vintage blogger, runner, cupcake, tea & red lipstick addict, global traveler, avid reader & music listener, vintage and thrift maniac. IG: theladybugchronicles
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