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The Ladybug’s Vintage Haute Couture Tour Of Milan


I am Italian and I live in Milan, so can you imagine how influenced I am by fashion and art? They are both in my veins, from birth, and I keep them cultivated by attending every kind of event related to these topics. And in Milan, this means I get to play “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” nearly everyday! I have decided to share with you my last month’s visits to amazing vintage haute couture expos, representing three different Italian women, nearly all from the past. Each internationally known and gifted with great fashion taste! I hope you will enjoy this little journey through vintage haute couture and that you feel like you were also visiting these one-of-a-kind fashion experiences.

Valentina Cortese’s Vintage Haute Couture

At the beginning of the month, I attended Valentina Cortese’s expo: this wonderful Italian diva and theater actress from the late ‘40s shared her amazing closet full of designers’ pieces created especially for her by the biggest names in Fashion- like Dior, Mila Schon, Maurizio Galante, Capucci and others. Every piece (there were about 50 dresses)  is a piece of art and I was lucky enough to meet her (she is such a wonderful and seasoned lady). During the expo, she told us a lot of anecdotes about the cocktail dresses and the occasions when she wore them. It was such a great experience!

Valentina Cortese vintage haute couture

Jole Veneziani’s Vintage Haute Couture

The following week I visited another great expo that brought vintage fashion, art and a bit of Milanese history together: it was the expo celebrating Jole Veneziani, held in the beautiful Villa Necchi Campiglio. Jole Veneziani represents the beginning of the “Made in Italy” in the Fashion industry. Originating during the late 1940s and early 1950s, she is the center of fashion life in Milan. Her atelier, and then Fashion Maison of Haute Couture, was populated by Italian and international actresses and models of the era, and in general by the Italian upper middle-class. It is in this amazing villa of the Necchi Campiglio family (a rich industrial Milanese family of her time),  with wonderful and luxurious antique furniture, paintings, tapestries, carpets and many mannequins wearing Jole Veneziani dresses that breathe new life into the house, with the sweet exhale of inspiration.

Jole Veneziani vintage haute couture


Anna Piaggi’s Vintage Haute Couture

Last but not least was the crazy creative expo of Anna Piaggi’s hats, which I visited last week. It’s impossible to describe how much this little expo was such a powerful experience for all the senses! I have always loved Anna Piaggi with a great deal of astonishment, and I felt distraught when she died last year. For me, she represented creativity and was a very inspirational example and invitation to be your true self, no matter what people may think of you. If you don’t know her, let me just tell you, she was a fashion writer (for Vogue and Vanity) and a fashion icon, but most important for me- she’d never leave her house without a hat. This little piece (that I also adore) was her trademark, and this beautiful expo tried to put together some of her most amazing hats from her personal collection. They did a wonderful job of telling her story by putting together a variety of pieces… from those of her trips to the most crazy ones created by the biggest designers (like Chanel, Dior or Louis Vuitton) just for Miss Piaggi.

Anna Piaggi vintage haute couture

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