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Vintage Bling is No Old Thing!


For as long as I can remember, I have had a love affair with jewelry. From a young age I had an obsession with beaded necklaces and would always have a set swinging from my neck. I was fascinated with the colors and the different shapes and styles of the beads used. Even today, I still have my childhood collection – but i must admit, my vintage bling collection has grown enormously!

Vintage Bling

A tiny fraction of my vintage bling

At the moment i have a huge thing for 3 row drop necklaces, and especially love my 1920s Aurora Borealis crystal – one that brings a bit of glamour to a little black dress.

Vintage Bling

So pretty and elegant

Like all good collections, they expand and welcome new additions. I adore vintage brooches – they are so versatile and can be used to snazz up any outfits that need a little something, a little vintage bling if you like!

Vintage Bling

My 1860s tigers eye and gilt brooch

I love experimenting with vintage brooches and use mine on scarves, hats, jackets, handbags and any thing i can pin them on to give my outfit a burst of color or vintage bling! They are so underestimated and underused as a fantastic, versatile fashion accessory.  Yet to many, vintage brooches are viewed as old fashioned and dated, and something your Grandmother wears.  But personally, i think they are timeless.

As a second hand shopper, I buy most of my vintage bling from car boot sales and charity shops. My cheapest brooch was bought for just 10p, and at that price no wonder I have about 300 of them.

Vintage Bling, Brooch

I love that jewelry tells a story about the evolution of style and trends of bygone eras.  My collection spans from the 1840s to the 1980s. It’s amazing how I can incorporate a Victorian antique piece into a 2013 outfit and it won’t look out of place. That’s why I love vintage bling right across the board – it gives you a chance to express your individuality, be different and use these beautiful treasures from the past.

Vintage Bling

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30 years young fashion lover, crafter, go getter, adventure seeking, sport loving, crazy cat woman who lives, eats and breaths all things vintage goodies. The obsession started from a young age thanks to my Mother and has continued to grow into my passion, hobby and meal ticket.
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