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Do Vintage Cars Need Special Garage Features?


Caring for your car is part of the benefit of owning a vintage vehicle. An older car that runs smoothly is invaluable, and there are a variety of ways to look after your car once you get into the details.

We’ll keep the list to the most important tasks involving auto body maintenance and engine repair!

Do Vintage Cars Need Special Garage Features?

Preventing UV Damage

Taking your classic out for a summer spin is the dream of having a vintage car. When it’s not in use, it’s best to store your vehicle out of the sun. If your garage has windows, during the summer, your car will see a lot of sunlight, which can damage the interior leather. While it’s possible to have your seats reupholstered, keeping the original seating is best for future value. Consider installing heavy duty blinds or window dressings to keep out the sun, especially in areas that see a lot of sunlight throughout the year.

Staying Dry during Wet Weather

The older a vehicle, the more moisture it has seen, increasing its chances at accumulating mildew. While causing no damage to the engine, it makes the drive unpleasant, so take steps to avoid getting it in the first place. Consider installing a dehumidifier to control humidity levels in your garage. Having proper drainage also helps if you live in a city with a lot of precipitation.

Keeping Salt Off of Your Car

Salt is bad for the clear coat and paint on your car, and the longer it remains on your car, the more time it has to corrode these protective surfaces. If you drive in the winter, and your municipality uses salt to deal with snow on the roads, then you should try and remove the debris on your car as frequently as possible during the season. One option to deal with the salt is to take your classic car through a car wash, which may not be a good choice for a number of reasons. For example, it’s not advisable to run your soft top convertible through the car wash.

Having a heated garage storage system with proper drainage would allow you to properly wash your car at home in the winter. Washing your car outdoors in the winter isn’t feasible, but a heated garage would do the trick.

Installing a Lift for a Better View

Parts on a vintage car can be hard to buy as with time manufacturers stop making replacement parts. One malfunctioning part can quickly spiral and damage other working components, so it’s advisable to keep a close eye on what’s under the hood. A jack will allow you to get access under the car for things as simple as changing your oil. While a jack is a suitable replacement, given how often you’re popping under the car for a look, it might be safer to simply have an auto lift.

Maintaining a vintage car is difficult for sure. But the majestic and nostalgic feel such cars throws in during the rides makes it priceless!

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