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Vintage Guest Bloggers Wanted!


Whether you own a store, run a blog, offer a service, or are simply someone who feels they were born in the wrong decade, we are looking for vintage guest bloggers who want to share their vintage voice on Vintage Shopper.  Essentially, we’re looking for emerging thought leaders and taste makers within the vintage space, to contribute to our blog. You will get to grow your brand and audience, and promote your business. The intent is to create a win-win situation for the both of us.

Your article/video/photos could be presented in formats such as: fashion tips, how-tos, advice, decorating guides, historical insights, shopping strategies, points-of-view, opinion, reviews, etc. In fact, we want you to bring your ideas to the table — however they best fit your personality, brand or business.

Vintage Guest Blogger

Not Sure What To Write About?

Here are some topics to serve as inspiration!

  • How to dress from a particular period. E.g. choosing clothing from the 1950s
  • Beauty & makeup tutorials from a particular period E.g. a video on creating 1960 hairstyles
  • Advice on shopping for vintage clothes
  • Covering events e.g vintage fairs, live music, fashion shows, etc.
  • Reviewing vintage shops in your local area
  • Historical travel tips e.g. hundred year old pubs in Scotland
  • Architectural tours of cities e.g. Art deco buildings in Los Angeles
  • How to decorate your home in a particular style e.g. Mid-century modern
  • Repairing / treating vintage furniture
  • Celebrating Old Hollywood e.g. Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, etc.
  • Reliving nostalgic moments/traditions.
  • Antique shopping advice
  • Features on vintage inspired sub-cultures e.g. rockabilly, steampunk, lolita, etc.
  • Product reviews e.g. a particular brand or item of clothing
  • Photo essay e.g. modeling vintage clothes for winter
  • Throwing vintage events e.g. how to organize a vintage themed wedding
  • Reviewing TV and film e.g. Madmen or Downton Abbey
  • Humorous / offbeat looks at bygone culture e.g. Victorian oddities
  • and many more!

Why Vintage Guest Blogging Is Good For You

  1. Bring traffic to your website
    Via your byline, you can provide a link back to your blog or business website. This brings our audience to your doorstep – a great way to build your customer / fanbase.
  2. Build search engine and domain name authority
    Over time, the links back to your blog or business from an authority like Vintage Shopper, will boost the rank of your website.
  3. Boost your online influence
    By writing posts on our website, you increase the likelihood of being discovered, heard and followed.
  4. Build-up your “street cred”
    The more you blog about a particular topic, the more authoritative you become. Many bloggers have become thought leaders and ultimately published books with an already established audience.
  5. Enhance your credibility and portfolio
    A vast writing portfolio can greatly help anyone in achieving respect, and guest blogging is with no doubt one of the most efficient methods in this regard.
  6. Improve your writing skills
    Practice makes perfect, and as a Vintage Guest Blogger, you will  find a tone and voice, but also improve your technique.
  7. Increase your brand awareness and exposure
    Overall, you will be noticed more and associated to a particular style of writing, topic, and how it relates to your business (if you have one.)
  8. Get feedback
    With all blogs comes the possibility of feedback through comments. While this can be scary, take a step back and use it as a learning experience that drives you to improve in identified areas.

The 10 Vintage Guest Blogging Principles

  1. Your posts need to be exclusive to Vintage Shopper. Google will actually look at identical articles on multiple websites as “article spinning” or spam.
  2. Do NOT commit plagiarism, that’s just very naughty!
  3. The topic needs to be vintage, retro, antique related.
  4. If you are using images/photos (and we encourage you to do so), make sure you have the permission/rights to do so.
  5. Keep the length suitable for online consumption, with a length of between 600-1500 words.
  6. With regards to posting frequency, it will depend on your schedule and ambition. You may want to post daily, weekly or monthly.
  7. While we expect your grammar and spelling to be polished, be open to edit suggestions.
  8. We do not automatically approve your posts. If we feel your submission quality doesn’t meet our expectations, we will let you know.
  9. Have an appetite for excellence. Be proud of what you create – you do after all want to create a buzz and leave readers in a wake of awesomeness.
  10. Have a blast!

How Vintage Guest Bloggers Work With Us

The guest blogging workflow is set up to be as smooth as possible for all of us:

  1. Register as a new user, to create a Vintage Shopper account.
  2. Locate the Guest Blogger tools at the bottom of the website, from which you can add/edit your post.
  3. Now you can start writing your article and submit it for review.
  4. After you have submitted your article, we provide feedback, or approve it with minor edits. The actual publish date might be a few days or even weeks after your submission, depending on the length of the queue.
  5. The post then gets added to our blog, with your name and profile associated to it.
  6. We promote your posting via social media, encouraging people to read and comment.
  7. We encourage you to link back to Vintage Shopper from your website and share your posts with your followers and audience.
  8. Now that you’ve perfected the art of being a Vintage Guest blogger, rinse and repeat! Frequency is key in building a following and brand.

Vintage Guest Bloggers - Blogger of the Month BadgeWe Promote You!

When your articles get published, you are not only featured on our home page, but are also promoted via our social media destinations, where thousands of our followers see see your work. At the end of the day, we want our vintage enthusiasts to become vintage celebrities, so we put you in the spotlight, front and center.

We Recognize Our Rock Stars!

Each month, we hand out a “Blogger of the Month” award. The lucky winner receives the honor of placing the Blogger of the Month badge on their website. Furthermore, we feature the winner’s listing on our home page for 30 days ($50 value). We really want to let people know just how amazing you are!

Also, for 2014, each monthly winner will be eligible for the Blogger of the Year award.  This prestigious honor will be recognized with a Blogger of the Year badge, and we will feature your listing on our home page for 365 days – that’s worth $600!

Get Started Now!

If you are interested in guest blogging for us, all you need to do is create an account to access the blogging tools.



July 30, 2013 |

14 thoughts on “Vintage Guest Bloggers Wanted!

  1. Tilly Rose says:

    I would be interested in being a guest blogger but not sure how i should be registering?

    Many thanks 🙂

  2. Shienaas says:

    Great idea to allow Bloggers to flourish 🙂

  3. CynicalGirl says:

    I have registered my shop but I am also a blogger ( and would love to do a guest blog post. I can’t find the form for a proposal anywhere. Can you help?

  4. Hi,

    I’m an interior design blogger in Second Life, a virtual reality game space that parallels real life. I blog numerous vintage builds and would be interested in blogging for Vintage Shopper. I believe the SL platform is a trend generator and my blog could spotlight upcoming trends & styles. I’ve noticed from my stats that many of my followers are real life bloggers and designers, not limited to virtual bloggers.

    Would this type of blog be of interest to your readers?

    Gloria Silverstone
    Hidden Gems in Second Life

  5. […] more about our Guest Blogging program, and join our growing community of Vintage Shopper […]

  6. […] more about our Guest Blogging program, and join our growing community of Vintage Shopper […]

  7. […] more about our Guest Blogging program, and join our growing community of Vintage Shopper […]

  8. […] more about our Guest Blogging program, and join our growing community of Vintage Shopper […]

  9. Swiveltam says:

    Fantastic. I was going to post a new blog, but will submit it as an article here, as soon as my account is no longer pending. What I great site. I found you on Twitter. Not sure how I missed you before! AWESOME SAUCE!!!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

    • admin says:

      Hey Tam — thanks for stopping by. Glad you found us 🙂 We’ve approved your listing! Looking forward to seeing your posts 🙂

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