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Vintage Hoarder Seeks Post-Pregnancy Wardrobe


Shopping, in most forms, has always been a huge passion of mine.  From trawling the vintage markets and fairs of London, to charity shop rummaging on my days off; I have always loved picking up little gems for house, home and wardrobe.

There really is something special about something vintage or pre-loved.  For me, vintage clothing encompasses my desire to ‘not look like anybody else’; it encourages the wearer to truly be unique in their style.  So what happens when you find yourself trying to embrace a post-pregnancy body and steer clear of anything with a ‘dry clean only’ label.

I gave birth earlier this year, to a beautiful, bouncing baby girl, Daisy; and I couldn’t be happier in my role as ‘super-Mum’.  In fact I write my blog, Life is Peachy, in an attempt to show that life doesn’t stop at labour and that you can, despite what ‘they’ tell you, retain all aspects of your previous identity avec bebe, if you so desire.  That, for me, includes rockin’ a vintage post-pregnancy  wardrobe with a ‘practical twist’.

It hasn’t been easy, to balance both what I like and what I need from my new wardrobe – but I made a decision that I was not going to live my life in jeans and a t-shirt (because that’s just not me), and here are just a few tips to help anyone in a similar position, along the way!

Post-pregnancy wardrobe

Stop Caring

I think it is fair to say that post-pregnancy, your mind can be in something of a whirl over who you are and how you go about finding yourself again.  We all hear negative comments about our lives being so-called ‘over’ and I’ve even had several people exclaim disappointment over me putting ‘such an effort’ into my appearance.

The first thing I had to learn on this rocky road of self-discovery, was to stop caring what other people thought I should be and hold my head high, proud that I still cared how I looked.

Can’t Go Shopping?  eBay may just be your best friend!

The aforementioned love of shop-trawling becomes somewhat less fun with a pram and an unpredictable infant.  So why not use those sleepless nights and quiet moments to pop on over to one of my true loves, eBay?  Why? Well, buying and selling doesn’t get much easier than this, plus you can find something to really cater for your unique vintage tastes.  I love finding sellers who specialize in vintage clothing.

On a Budget?  Accessorize and style the ‘whole package’

Not looking to commit to a full post-pregnancy wardrobe, just yet?  Spend your pennies wisely with vintage brooches, scarves, glasses and headgear.  If you don’t feel like completely ‘dressing up’ for a day (yes, these do sometimes happen), bring that little bit of ‘unique’ out with something small and unusual.  Cameo brooches and fifties’ inspired headscarves are great quick-fix ways to brighten up an outfit, without breaking the bank.  Not to mention some simple victory rolls or make-up – I don’t leave the house without eye-liner flicks or red lips.  Think about your image as the ‘whole package’ and work with what you feel like working with, each day.

Post-pregnancy wardrobe

Which Era Inspires You?

For me, the swinging 1940s and 1950s are the most flattering and elegant silhouettes for my shape, plus they are the decades I feel I can most affiliate with – luckily these work for my post-pregnancy figure too.  It’s important to spend time looking for inspiration, ready for an all-important shopping trip – try swing dresses and tea dresses to enhance a small waist or go glitzy Gatsby to cover a tummy.  Whichever era you feel your post-pregnancy wardrobe needs to emanate, find something that you feel caters to your body shape and your tastes too.

Bring it together, piece by piece

On the occasions you do feel like doing a bit of shopping, spend your time looking for one thing at a time.  Spend your cash wisely on something you WILL wear, NOW, that makes you feel great and works with your new, everyday routines.  Dresses work for me everyday – I walk everywhere, I’m often kneeling on the floor and, with the unpredictable English weather, I’m able to layer up against the cold!  I feel 100% more myself in dresses, so it makes sense to prioritize these when I am on a vintage hunt.  Do be practical (NB: aforementioned dry-clean only labels), but don’t get hung up on material or size, if you love it and it works, you will wear it!

Lastly, don’t feel pressured to put together a whole post-pregnancy wardrobe in one shopping trip.  Focus on finding that one gem, enjoy the experience and really bask in finding something that truly makes you feel like ‘you’.

Hi! I’m Emma ‘Peachy’ Berry – Rock ‘n’ Roll Mama, Homemaker, Freelance Writer, Author In The Making, Not-So-Secret Goth, Avid Knitter, Renegade Crafter, Body-Art Connoisseur, Vintage-Hoarder, Lover of All Things Both Pretty and Macabre, Music Addict and general Barbara Good-Wannabe. If life was a school….I’d be the mysterious back-row type!My first foray into the world of blogging was Life is Peachy, a creative lifestyle blog for new mums that encompassed my passsions and my strong belief that finding your own identity as a parent is really important. But, during my search for the ‘you’ in Mummy, I re-discovered my love for all things homemade and that, actually, I’m pretty much against mass-consumerism and the rate at which we consume in this country, but I equally love fashion and beautiful things! So the idea of the Frugally Fabulous Year was dreamt up – a year in which I stop buying clothes from the High Street, hone my creative talents to become even more self-sufficient and regain my love of vintage and charity shopping, to create my own unique, homemade lifestyle.Frugally Peachy is the result of this…I aim to bring a little bit of frugal and fabulous inspiration to your home, wardrobe, kitchen and everywhere else! Why not follow me through 2014 as I learn new skills, get crafty, get saving, get psychological and learn how to put my own quirky stamp on a lifestyle that’s sustainable, beautiful and high street-shopping free!

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