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It cannot be denied, we love the vintage look. We dress in vintage or vintage-inspired clothing because it’s fun, creative, and a great way to extend our personalities into our wardrobe. After all, some of us were most certainly born in the wrong generation. Or so we’re told.  But wrong generation or not, casual or serious, if you enjoy swapping ideas and borrowing vintage looks from each other, we’ve got a treat for you! Which brings us to our announcement – the unveiling of the Vintage Look Project.

It shouldn’t take too many head-scratches to figure this one out. The twist here is we’re asking you and the vintage community to create a Vintage Look and send us a photo of yourself. So this is how the Vintage Look Project works, in a nutshell:

vintage look

Vintage Dress | Source: erin_everlasting on Flickr

Step 1: Create your vintage look

Your outfit doesn’t have to be entirely vintage. You may want to wear a few vintage items and a few contemporary pieces. And this certainly isn’t a costume contest. Dress to look gorgeous, dapper and simply stunning. Or have someone help you pick out items to pull together your vintage look in a co-ordinated way.  You can look through our store for inspiration. Some ideas for vintage looks might include: 1920s flapper, 1950s pinup, rockabilly, Victorian, boho 70s, and even more niche styles like lolita, steampunk and burlesque.

Step 2: Take a photo of yourself or your model

You may already have a photo from a previous photo shoot, which means you’re way ahead of the competition. Regardless of whether you’re shooting a new photo, or choosing an old one, select quality snaps. If folks can’t make out your clothes or face… there’s not much point to submitting the image! Also, if someone else took the photo, be sure to get their permission to use it. If you’re a photographer/stylist submitting the photo, be sure the model is OK with it and has signed a model release.

Step 3:  Submit your Vintage Look to us

When submitting your vintage look, include your favorite image and describe the vintage items in the photo. Don’t forget your name, and you might also want to credit anyone involved in helping you with your vintage look. E.g. photographer, hair stylist, etc.

The Review Process

Each week, we’ll review your submissions and post our favorite vintage looks in our blog. In doing so, we (in the broadest possible sense) will create an on-going vintage lookbook that features vintage fashion enthusiasts (guys and dolls) who want to share their vintage looks with the rest of the vintage community. To get an idea, view the weekly vintage looks submitted so far.

Our ultimate goal is to create a source of inspiration and a platform for conversation. Swapping notes about vintage clothing, makeup and hair, all in the context of the photos, will hopefully serve as a fun way to learn and provide feedback to all participants.

There are no prizes involved, only the reward of being in the spotlight and getting some attention and having a little fun with fellow vintage enthusiasts. And you never know, you may just get a few fans and find yourself dishing out advice on your blog, or being hired to model like Dita Von Teese. OK fair enough, that might be going to far, but you never know!

Look at the Vintage Looks!

If you’re curious as to what photos have been submitted so far, please check out our Vintage Look volumes. This might give you some inspiration for what to wear, and how to pose. As you will see, you’re in great vintage company!

Submit your Vintage Look

Use the form below to send us your Vintage Look! By submitting your Vintage Look, you acknowledge you are at least 18 years of age and own the rights or have obtained permission to use the attached photograph.

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3 thoughts on “The Vintage Look Project

  1. I really adore your photos, style and opportunities for us models to share our talents n like for this Era..

  2. Looking forward to (hopefully) working with you more in the future! Love your magazine~

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