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Forget Lottery Tickets, Look For Yard Sale Artwork


Reportedly, more people have an addiction to buying lottery tickets than gambling. This illustrates how everyone is looking for their meal ticket, their quick ticket to a small fortune. However, forget lottery tickets, yard sales can serve as a surprising treasure trove of valuable artwork.

Yard sales, can house hidden artworks created by famous artists. In one case, a man discovered what he believes to be an original artwork by Andy Warhol at a yard sale in Las Vegas.

Yard sales are usually popular, because people can get marked down deals on used items that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. But other people like yard sales because of the potential to find items that can be appraised to reveal hidden value.


Andy Fields Found An Original Andy Warhol At A Yard Sale

Andy Fields is an art enthusiast who had brought a handful of artwork at a yard sale, and claims that one of the items he found was an original Andy Warhol. The painting bears the Andy Warhol signature, and Fields claims the artwork is valued at over two millions dollars. Fields also adds that experts at Sotheby’s have told him that the artwork could be valued for even more.

A Picasso Print Was Discovered At A Yard Sale

Andy Fields is only the latest art collector to find something he feels has great value at a yard sale. Many people peruse yard sales and thrift stores in search of the one hidden treasure. Many people sell stuff without being aware of the value of the object.

Only collectors with discerning eyes will be able to sniff out the treasure. There have been stories of people finding Picassos and other surprisingly valuable and rare findings at yard sales. One very lucky man reportedly paid a mere fourteen dollars for a Picasso print that could easily be worth twenty thousand dollars or more.

California Man Makes Starting Discovery At Another Yard Sale

Another story, that may even be more incredible, involves a California man who brought a box of items for five dollars and found out it had an item worth a hundred thirty million dollars. The man discovered when he examined the items at his house that one of the pieces of paper was a 1917 stock certificate for shares of the Pacific Oil Company.

He discovered by doing further amounts of research by owning this piece of paper, he would be owed 1.8 million shares or 130 million dollars. Unfortunately, for the man, Coke quickly issued a statement that the paper no longer is relevant. However, it’s still amazing what hidden treasures can be found at a regular yard sale.

People should always keep their eyes and ears open for any item that appears to have value. Much like a bloodhound, finding a deal often takes an increased amount of sensitivity and observation. The thrill of finding something of value is a great rush, and the reason why some people become lifelong treasure hunters.

Hidden Treasures

The stories about discovering hidden treasure at yard sales have fueled the popularity of reality television shows about vintage items, and even books that dispense tips such as The Garage Sale Millionaire. The author of The Garage Sale Millionaire, Aaaron LaPedis, claims that anyone can become a garage sale millionaire, by becoming a savvy treasure hunter.

Teresa Thomas is a seasoned appraiser who specializes in Los Angeles estate liquidation for Hughes Estate Sales.

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