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Galvanized Christmas Sleighs (Set of 2)

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These vintage inspired Christmas sleighs are some of our favorites. Made of galvanized steel, they bring a rustic charm to your holiday décor. The high quality sleighs would fit perfectly around a tree holding heaps of presents, of if you prefer display a small tree in the back. Place on the floor or on a countertop as needed to create magical festive vibe in your living room.  For you very own white Christmas, consider placing the sleighs on some artificial snow. The only problem you'll have is convincing the kids they can't take these sleighs down a snow covered slope.

  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Large sleigh measures: 27¼''W x 13''D x 17½''H,
  • Small measures 21''W x 10½''D x 14½''H.
  • Trees and presents not included.
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